The Phoenix 1.1 is the flagship of the JAT Bikes brand, specifically designed for the roughest terrain, it provides a front suspension, disc brakes, and high-resistance tires, its 750W central Bafang motor with 5 levels of pedal assistance, gives the Phoenix perfect balance and great stability without sacrificing the comfort that only the comfort seat can offer.


Sporty and rugged, the Centaur is the most powerful and versatile RWD electric bike we’ve ever designed. Hydraulically adjustable front suspension, you can be sure you’ll enjoy the most comfortable ride on whatever terrain you choose, while built-in fenders and integrated front and rear lights ensure you’ll be visible wherever you go.


The purest American style in Europe, the Griffin shows a robust and firm image, its fat tires give it a special character that will attract attention wherever it goes.


Evoking a classic style, the Chimera brings back the classic lines of yesteryear with modern touches, the 5-level pedal-assistance, its long-lasting battery, and its comfort saddle, making the Chimera the ideal vehicle for long rides.


With an ergonomic design, the variable geometric Pixy 1.5 is designed for urban mobility, its folding chassis allows it to be stored or transported in small spaces. The comfort saddle and 5-level pedal assistance makes the Pixy the ideal transportation

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