Our history

Javier Arias Technologies was born in 2016, a story of passion for motorsports and fascination for electric propulsion.

I have always been fascinated by the bold designs and flamboyant colors of the different motorcycles that launched onto the market year after year. At the same time, I watched my father and his friends, enjoy, admire and collect their classic, Spanish-made motorcycles, which reminds us of the exciting days, in which each mechanical evolution and each new design caused a furor and became the most coveted object. of the young people of the 80s. Offering them new frontiers to explore and sensations never experienced before.

Spaniard brands were seen as quality products in the international market, developed and optimized for the mountainous regions of the Iberian ranges, these bikes were something that had never been witnessed before.

Things change at the speed of light, society advances and new challenges are imposed on innovation. We are now fully immersed in the electric propulsion tech era and I feel it’s our responsibility to do as much as we can to help solve the issues of modern transport while making people’s lives more exciting.

JAT Stands for Javier Arias Technologies. It’s a shared name, with my father, who inspired me through his years in motorsport competition and entrepreneurship to create something that I am passionate about. We believe that a brand carrying its own name not only represents those who started it, but also a culture, a history, a lineage.

Our logo, the “Mecha-Bull-skull” is representative of our company as a Spaniard-based tech & industrial design company.

At JAT, we want to create products locally, to meet the needs of urban and rural transport, in the most pleasant and efficient way possible.

On the road to carbon neutrality «

1-1- What is the purpose of our company?

-Design and develop products with passion, that transmit emotions. We manufacture with high efficiency and quality, we distribute our products responsibly, with good customer service, and we repair and recycle sustainably at different strategic points. We will focus on electric sports vehicles for urban and off-road use. We will also develop aerial vehicles.

2-Mission: Achieve efficient and timeless designs, assemble and repair (increasingly locally) quality vehicles. Expand our catalog and develop new technologies for the land, air and water mobility sector. With our company, we also hope to help reforest forests and start cleaning rivers and oceans with our technologies and resources to reduce carbon footprint through recycling and adopting sustainable processes.

3- It is no secret that our business generation has to face challenges and responsibilities to solve the challenges for the future survival of the species that inhabit the earth. While governments and companies are beginning to get more involved in social and ecological causes, collective action must be taken beyond the minimum required by law. The countdown against climate change with no possibility of return makes us understand the need to act quickly and effectively.

We understand that all natural sectors are compromised: the oceans, which have been subjected to overfishing and plastic and chemical pollution that has caused the desertification of the seabed and the elimination of hundreds of marine creatures, forests, which have been desertified and overwhelmed. exploded and even the sky (atmosphere) has become saturated with toxic gases, creating a negative impact on the global ecosystem.

We understand that one company cannot solve the problems caused by mankind on its own. But if we can do our best to understand the problems we face so we can act on the impacts that our products and industrial processes will have on the environment. We believe the industry will increasingly go in this direction, and serving as a success story (like companies like tesla) for other companies going in the same direction and making similar commitments would be a success in itself.

With the production of electric mobility technologies, we could significantly reduce the urban CO2 footprint. But we cannot stop there, we will have to integrate higher quality materials that last longer and can be easily repaired, recycle old parts, especially batteries and toxic components, and use “Zero Emission” technologies. Ultimately, we will dedicate resources to developing new materials and technologies that help combat negative human impacts on the earth.


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